About the Founder

David Dudenhoefer

I began in politics in 2007 during the Ron Paul run for President. In 2009 I filed to become a precinct delegate and served on the state committee. In 2013 I was elected District Chair for the 13th congressional district republican committee. 

Also in 2009 I helped to build a grassroots organization known as Michigan Campaign for Liberty, serving as a county coordinator and then eventually state coordinator. In 2020 I ran for congress against squad member Rashida Tlaib and marketed myself as "Dude" for congress, and our effort made huge gains in support for the freedom message. Our team outperformed GOP candidates in our district over the past 40 years.

Continuing on with our efforts to preserve individual liberty, personal freedom and a respect for the rule of law, we formed the political action committee, Defeating Communism PAC.

Our mission is to recruit, develop and support candidates, and activists alike to turn the tides in heavy democrat districts-where squad members in congress are pushing their authoritarian ideologies onto freedom loving Americans.


So Dude, What are you going to do?

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"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

~ Victor Hugo