Defeating Communism Candidate Commitment

As a candidate for public office, once elected, I commit to defending individual liberties, and personal freedoms with a strict adherence to the rule of law—this includes, but not limited to
  • A defense of personal property including bodily autonomy.  I will reject policies which allows the government body I serve in to mandate medical decisions, especially as a condition of employment, housing or public accommodation.  I will serve, and vote to preserve each individual life.
  • I support fiscal responsibility--I will not support policies which would increase the debt burden of Americans, nor will I support policies which increases inflation, nor will I vote to spend the money of my constituents on policies that are not strictly outlined in our United States Constitution.
  • I will support a humble foreign policy, no nation building and no policing of the world, nor will I support unconstitutional wars of aggression.
  • I will not support policies that perpetuate the administrative state, or the principles of communism, fascism, socialism or any other authoritarian doctrine which undermines the proper role of government outlined in our United States Constitution.

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Anthony Sabatini
Congressional Candidate Florida

Nathan Dahm
U.S. Senate Candidate Oklahoma

Tim Baxter
Congressional Candidate New Hampshire

Jeremy Munson
Congressional Candidate Minnesota

Rick Becker
U.S. Senate Candidate - North Dakota