What does Defeating Communism Pac stand for?


What Does Defeating Communism Pac Stand For? 

We believe that our country cannot survive if we allow the slow erosion of our freedoms. Our function is to provide information and resources to citizens in order to support state and federal legislation that supports our freedom, and to fight against legalization that incrementally strips our freedoms.
We will provide a conduit between you and your legislator through our petition efforts followed-up with pressure in order to get the vote we are seeking.

We will help cultivate activist leaders and candidates for public service who will not compromise your freedoms. Lastly, we will tie the legislative season with the election season to hold our elected leaders accountable.

Our work centers on the idea that your freedom is non-negotiable.


I believe in holding government to the limited scope strictly set forth in the United States Constitution. To be blunt, If it isn’t in Article 1.8 and 1.9, they shouldn’t be doing it.


I believe the most efficient delivery of services comes from the private sector, not the government. So many of our problems are a result of past overreaching government policies. Unburdening our small businesses and investing first in small businesses as we grow back our economy will ensure the entrepreneurial spirit stays alive and well in America and in Michigan’s 13th district. 


As your next representative in Congress, I pledge to build coalitions across party lines to restore an honest monetary system based on the productivity of the people. The inflation tax is the very real phenomenon which occurs as a result of our government continuing to create money (purchasing power) from thin air, artificially injecting into the marketplace. You and I feel this as we notice prices rising while wages do not seem to keep up. This is not normal, it is the unintended consequence of a failed monetary policy. The reality is that inflation tax is robbing from our labor while it punishes those who try to save—our money is simply being devalued. We can never permanently solve the resulting social breakdowns of the inflation tax until we rid ourselves of the scourge of the governments’ blank checkbook.


The right to life is essential to individual liberty. As a first-time father-to-be at 48, I understand surprises. When I found out my wife and I were expecting, I knew that being pro-life had never been so easy. I have always been unapologetically pro-life, even for unexpected circumstances. With new technology and mothers who are waiting for children to love, it would only be civilized and humane to do all we can to support women who need an emergency mother for their coming sons and daughters. We can work together to support these women and save these children. The right to life is essential to individual liberty. I fully support organizations such as the Luke Project 52 Clinic which provides testing and care for women who need assistance. This Detroit based organization is private and operates through charitable donation.


I advocate Health Choices for everyone. No one should be forced to carry the insurance the government thinks is best for them. We, as a first-world country, can efficiently accommodate the needy. We should be talking about ways to improve medicare. I am not for the government-forced One-size-fits-Medicare-for-all no-choice healthcare plans.


I am Pro-faith. I know my Lord, and I encourage all Americans to have a deep and meaningful spiritual relationship with their creator. My Lord and savior is Jesus Christ. Protecting the religious liberties of all Americans, in all their diversity, is a core function of government and a duty I take seriously. The freedom to worship freely as you choose, without fear of government infringement, and live and run your lives and businesses accordingly, is a principle that founded this country. Our faith has been a cornerstone of who we are as a free people, and our right to worship as we see fit, a bedrock of our society. 


Studies show that children raised with fathers outside the home are more likely to: be tangled in the criminal justice system, suffer from depression and anxiety, drop out without graduating and are less likely to raise stable families of their own. The demands from Black Lives Matter to destroy the family unit and de-emphasize the significant role that fathers play in their children's lives is demoralizing and disgusting. I would work to restructure our safety net to stop incentivizing fatherless homes.


As your next representative in Congress, I will never vote to send our troops into harm's way for a regime change war to nation build, or to police the world.  Our own CIA has written extensively about “blowback”, or the unintended consequences of our adventurism overseas, we would be wise to heed their warnings. Hundreds of bases in over 150 countries costing taxpayers hundreds of billions each year. I support peaceful negotiations and a two-state solution for Israel. I support the Israeli people and their natural right to worship and live in their Holy land.


“Shall not be infringed”— Seems clear enough to me. Our right to keep and bear arms is essential and any attempt to incrementally circumvent our right to fire-arm ownership will be met with fierce rejection as your next representative in Congress.  
As a Detroit gun-owner, I am a no-compromise gun-rights advocate for your right to keep and Bear Arms.


Like many of you, I cringe at the scare tactics of the “Climate change” activists. But no one can deny the odors of Southwest Detroit near the Marathon Plant, and residents are all too familiar with the decaying water and sewage systems. We must all be united in demanding clean air, water, and quality food—by voting with our pocketbooks, on which companies, products, and services we want and are willing to support.


Today’s versions of socialism are by their very nature divisive and their application in law is unequal. Thus, they ultimately fail. The natural alternative to these deeply flawed political and economic philosophies can be found in the unifying message of individual liberty. Liberty does not seek to control, and does not focus on our physical traits, liberty applies to the individual in both the economy and an equal application of law. Real freedom unifies a divided people.