What is Defeating Communism PAC?

Our organization is committed to replacing Squad members in Congress, and to thwart the rerise of authoritarian attitudes plaguing our servant government-including socialism, communism, and fascism.

Have you had enough of your servant government treating you like a servant? Are you fed up with self-serving professional politicians more interested in preserving their insider process, than they are of defending your individual liberty? Do you agree that upholding our God-given rights under our United States Constitution is key to preserving this representative republic?

If you believe as we do the answer is YES to all three questions, then help support our ongoing efforts we began long before I took on anti-American squad member, Rashida Tlaib in the 2020 election.

Defeating Communism PAC was formed out of the Dude for Congress campaign—We found victories throughout the 9 months of campaigning, including being a support for 2 petition drives, one of which was successful.
We identified new local leaders, conducted one activist training, raised enough funds that a portion was carried over into this newly formed PAC, and we built a large community email list for future issues and candidate support.

Millions of Americans are beginning to not recognize their own country. They see elected public servants locking them out of their businesses, mandating baseless mask-wearing, locking out their children from a proper education, they insult tens of millions of voters while hailing anti-American protestors who destroy buildings, tear down our monuments, beat and kill fellow Americans, while endorcing the censorship of anyone with a viewpoint different from their own. It is a historical fact that when citizens lose faith in thier government and election process, the revolt is only a question of when.

There are selt-described socialists pushing facsists agendas popping up all over the country. It is one thing to have candidates challenge them, but unless the network is in place to support them, it will be difficult to replace them. Defeating Communism PAC is here to fill in the gap. We will help activists for freedom to form effective organizations to challenge these authoritarians, while informing their neighbors, building networks and providing support for freedom candidates. We can also provide tools and resources to achieve our mission.

Glare into their eyes—you do not see a people or their government concerned about “wokeness”, climate change, or bickering over Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head. They are not caught up in TV reality, Hollywood or sports drama and they are not cutting thier children up for “gender reassignment”

Instead, they are laser focused on world domination at every level—Our nation had better pull together, or much like our Navy which is now second to China, our people will realize America has found itself on the dustheap of history.

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We need every freedom-loving American to join us and stand against the anti-American Marxist agenda.

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