3 Mass Tragedies Being Ignored for the Ukrainian Narrative

Yet everything in life must now be tinted with sapphire and gold hues in order reach a certain brand of conspicuous moral certitude. Conversely, anyone arguing that one’s justified public empathies are being weaponized in favour of NATO realpolitik is slanderously denounced as Putin apologetics.

Apparently, it is impossible to denounce all the belligerents (Russia, NATO, Checnyans, and the Azov Battalion) while still standing squarely behind ALL the people who are unjustly caught in the middle. People who want nothing else besides life, liberty, and the pursuit of their own happiness.

Parallel to this are other, arguably more important and brutalizing, humanitarian issues facing the world. Ones that are uncomfortable for the dominant world powers because of what they reveal. And this regards their views on freedom, democracy, and human rights as much as it does for their motivations (or lack thereof).

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