CDC Director Walensky Won’t Say How Many Americans Died From Covid vs. How Many Died With Covid

When the corrupt US Government addressed COVID they put in place unique ways of reporting deaths.  They began by claiming every death where someone was suspected of having COVID when they died was to be recorded as a COVID death.

This resulted in thousands of deaths being reported as COVID deaths that were not.  We reported on this in August 2020.

Our article received a huge amount of attention as word got out that only 6% of all deaths reported as COVID deaths were actually due to COVID only.  The remaining 94% of the deaths reported as COVID deaths were deaths with COVID where those who died had multiple other co-morbidities as well.  On average, those who were labeled as dying from COVID had more than two other co-morbidities.

President Trump shared this story as well as his son Don Jr and many others on Twitter.  “6%” was shared all over the Internet and into the mainstream.  We at TGP were attacked and criticized for making the claim that only 6% of COVID deaths died from COVID only, even though the information came from the CDC’s site.