Clay Clark Reveals The World Economic Forum’s Sinister Plan to Hack Your Brain & Eliminate Free Will

Whether you are looking at the Black Lives Matter Riots or the stolen election of 2020, inflation or Russia invading Ukraine, Jeffrey Epstein or Hugh Hefner, universal basic income or raising taxes. It’s all pointing to one thing and one thing along… the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, orchestrated by the globalist billionaire Klaus Schwab.

Clay Clark explains:

At this point, they’re asking you to defy common sense. They’re asking you to just toss out reasoning and to just blindly have faith in the government.

Folks, it’s called The Great Reset, ok? It is The Great Reset. It is the nefarious plan of Klaus Schwab. If you go to Amazon you can buy the book The Great Reset or you can buy the book The Great Narrative, which is even crazier. They’re both written by Klaus Schwab.