FLINT, MI VOTER FRAUD: Former Clerk is Accused of Faking a Break-In, Forging Absentee Ballots to Steal Election in 2020

The Daily Gazette, a newspaper operating out of the metropolitan Flint area, has confirmed that former Flint Township clerk Kathy Funk is being investigated for voter fraud after being accused of tampering with absentee ballots in order to steal an Aug. 2020 primary election by a small amount of votes.

A warrant request has been made to the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office following an investigation by the Michigan State Police, with the county prosecutor already recusing himself from the case. Funk reported a mysterious break-in that occurred at the Flint Township Municipal Building in her office on the night of the Aug. 2020 primary election. A canister containing absentee ballots conveniently fell to the ground amidst the break-in, removing the seal, and making the ballots contained within ineligible to be recounted under state law.

Around the time of the mysterious break-in, Funk was losing the election for township clerk. When the vote counting was all said and done, Funk defeated her opponent Manya Triplett by a narrow 79-vote margin. Funk is being accused of staging the break-in and tampering with absentee ballots. Sources have reportedly told The Daily Gazette that she has ducked lie detector tests on several occasions.