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Joe Biden Ditches Mask Precedent in the Oval Office

President Joe Biden on Thursday abandoned his precedent of wearing a mask in the Oval Office as he signed executive actions on health care.

Biden Repeals Ban on Taxpayer Funding for International Abortion Providers

The Biden administration rescinded a policy Thursday that prohibits taxpayer funding for abortion providers overseas.

Biden’s energy secretary nominee admits some jobs may be 'sacrificed' to achieve climate agenda

President Biden's nominee for energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, admitted Wednesday during her confirmation hearing that some jobs in the oil and gas industry may be "sacrificed" as a part the administration's climate agenda.

Poll: Most Americans Oppose Using Tax Dollars To Fund Abortions

A new poll conducted by the Knights of Columbus and Marist suggests most Americans oppose using taxpayer dollars for abortions in the United States and abroad.

Biden begins launch of promised commission to 'reform' the Supreme Court

President Joe Biden has begun staffing his promised commission to "reform" the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary, an undertaking he vowed in October would go on to address court packing as well as "a number of other things."